Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Abandoned Baby Finds a "Forever Family"...

When Jenny and I first began visiting the abandoned babies at the Pediatric Hospital in Ivankiv back in April of 2008, we met a little boy named Nazar. We learned then that Nazar had been abandoned since birth and had spent all of his days living in a crib at the hospital. Over the next year, we got to know Nazar and visited him and the other children regularly.
During the middle of 2009, Nazar and other children were moved to a toddler orphanage in Boyarka, which is located near Kiev. Since then, we have not heard any news about Nazar, until this weekend...
This weekend, I received an email from an adoptive couple who were writing to thank Jeremiah's Hope and our donors for all that we had done to provide for their new son during his first 3 years of life. The couple, residents of Canada, are currently in Ukraine completing their adoption of Nazar! When I read this, my eyes began to water and the tears flowed. Finally!!! Finally, this little boy would have a family and it would happen before he turns 3 next week.
With the parents permission, I have written this brief update and am attaching a few current pictures of Nazar which they have given me permission to post. They also wish to express their gratitude to all those who donated formula, diapers and much more to help us meet the needs of the abandoned babies.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Prayer Request...

Yesterday, we visited the baby hospital. There is one little guy in there at the moment, his name is Sasha. He is less than a year old. We praise God for his circumstances because his parents dropped him at the hospital for a month while they checked themselves into alchohol rehab.

Most of the babies we meet are abandoned or are there by court order to get them out of a bad situation, but this little boy has parents who obviously love him and recognize the bad effects that alchohol is having on their family.

Please be praying for Sasha and for his parents who are in rehab. Pray that when they are reunited, in a week, that it would be a good thing for their family to be together again.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Special Thanks...

Thank you to the ladies from Fort Worth who came today to visit the work in Ivankiv. We received a call from the head nurse thanking us for the formula, wipes and medicine we left at the baby hospital.

The ladies (teachers from Fort Worth Christian Schools & members of College Hill Church of Christ) brought 81 cans of formula for the baby hospital.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Where Did All the Babies Go?

This week, we, Jenny and Andrew headed to the baby hospital for one of their regular visits. Loaded up with diapers, wipes, formula, blankets and bottles, they arrived at the hospital to find there were NO babies! The babies have all been transfered to a "Baby House" which is a small orphanage for children under 3 years of age. We praise God that they are now in a home and not just sitting in cribbs all day!
While at the hospital, we visited with the regular nurses we have come to know and appreciate. They work hard to care for the babies who have been abandoned as well as regular children who are ill. This week, a little boy from the local orphanage was sick and so was in the hospital. Please be praying for his health and for the nurses as they care for him and love him this week!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pray for Nazar...

When Jenny and I first visited the Pediatric Ward of the hospital in Ivankiv in August of 2007, we met a funny looking boy who had HUGE ears and was almost one year old. The nurse introduced us to Nazar. If you have read this blog before, you will have noticed a small boy on the right top corner of the blog. That is Nazar.

Nazar is an interesting name because it points to the Biblical Nazarite. Where did this young boy get his name? Was his mother a believer?

Nazar has a sad story. He was abandoned at birth and has lived in this room at the hospital for almost two years now. His mother, following giving birth, snuck out of the hospital in the middle of the night and has never been seen since. Nazar has lived his entire life within the confines of these walls.

Please pray for Nazar. Pray that God would find him a home and a family who will love him!

Below are a few photos we took last week while playing with Nazar...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Visiting the Babies...

Today, we visited the baby hospital. We had the opportunity to spend about half an hour with the babies hanging out with them while showing Jenny's parents the baby hospital. This week, there were only 3 babies.

Kristina is the youngest of the bunch. She is 3 months old and was sleeping when we visited...

I did not get the name of this little guy. When we arrived he was sitting and eating something. He seemed to be a happy little guy but he didnt move from the same sitting position the entire time we were there.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Delivery of Needed Aid to the Ivankiv Social Services...

Our relationship with the Ivankiv Pediatric Hospital is due to our relationship with Lyudmila Anatolivna, a Christian who is also one of the staff members of the City of Ivankiv Social Services Department. It is because of this dear woman that we are able to visit the babies at the hospital and are able to help them and their caregivers on a regular basis.

Occasionally, Lyudmila asks us for assistance with some families or single mothers who need help. This week, she asked us for clothes, diapers and any other help we could give for a 2 month old and a 9 month old who were at the hospital.

We were able to help with far more than she could have imagined. We showed up to her office with clothes, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles, formula, diaper cream, blankets and more. All of this aid was provided because of Amy Madruger (Kentucky) and the Children's Missions Ministry of the Monterrey Church of Christ (Lubbock, Texas).